Gone are the days when laptops were just about ensuring that the basics are right and they got the job done. Laptops these days are mightier than ever with powerful processors, beautiful displays, impressive camera, elegant design and battery. With all these features packed in, they tend to cost a bit more. In a price sensitive market like India, consumers think multiple times before investing in something like that and often back off at the last moment, settling in for something cheaper and less powerful. But then rarely it happens that you find a laptop so compact, with powerful set of innards and so unique design that you see nothing else shining brighter in front of it. Dell wants to make users think the same with its XPS 13 (2018).

The new Dell XPS 13, which entered the Indian market back in February this year, has been turning heads. The laptop that will set you back by Rs 97,990 for the base model, something that still is a lot. But it all boils down to how worthy it is for the given price. So we dug deeper into its hardware specifications, design and performance. Here’s what we found.


Dell XPS 13 no doubt is one of the most striking compact laptops we have seen so far. We’re saying it as ‘one of the’ aesthetically pleasing ones as there are some others in the race as well such as the HP Spectre series or even the Lenovo Yoga line up. But nonetheless, XPS 13 is still unique because of the colours it uses and a few other tricks.

The machine does look simple yet leaves a hint of premium-ness with its Gold and White colour combination it deploys. It is not the thinnest or lightest but still manages to get enough attention. There’s a generous use of metal, which we think is any day better than plastic. There are no patterns or any kind of design, keeping the simplicity signature intact. On the underside you get two long rubber bars for the grip, alongside the exhaust grille and the ‘XPS’ branding. On either side you get connectivity ports about which we will talk in a while.

What may come as an interesting change is an all-white keyboard and the screen bezels. Even the screen hinge is of the same colour. The keyboard area is white and so is the area around it along with the touch pad. For us, it was a refreshing change but for many it might be a turn off as it could be slightly difficult to maintain. Except for the keyboard area and the touch pad, rest of the area has a patterned design, something that blends with the overall design


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